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Needle Felted Creations with a                Scandinavian Flair!
Being of Norwegian heritage, I have always loved all things Scandinavian, especially trolls and Vikings! I always wanted to find a creative way to bring these characters to life, but it wasn't until I discovered needle felting that I found the perfect medium to create them with. I bought a kit and fell in love. The soft wool is so easy to sculpt into shapes and while I never know exactly how each figure is going to turn out, I am never disappointed with the results. Needle felting involves repeatedly stabbing balls of wool roving with a sharp barbed needle to bind the wool fibers together. I won't lie, I often stab my fingers as well! The wool can be shaped this way, and the more you stab it the firmer the felted item will be. Every needle felter has their own style, ranging from super realistic to softer Waldorf style. I guess my way falls some where in the middle.

You can find my creations at my Etsy shop Woodland Felties. Trolls, owls , Gnomes, and Vikings are my best sellers, but I am always eager to make something new. I find inspiration in books, movies, and vintage fairy tale illustrations.
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